Our Markets

"InSquare revolutionises more than just gyms and personal training studios; it's a commercial-grade, durable solution for an array of sectors. From enhancing corporate wellness programs to elevating experiences in hotels, educational institutions, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, and senior living communities, InSquare stands out for its duability and cost-efficiency. Its remarkable versatility and broad market appeal highlight its capacity to transform the fitness industry, making it indispensable across diverse market segments."

Gyms & PT Studio's

"InSquare redefines fitness in gyms and personal training studios, merging data-driven insights with the thrill of competition to transform workouts into dynamic, community-building experiences. Its innovative platform not only personalises training but also brings fun to fitness through gamified group classes, engaging competitions, full body cardio & strength tests, dynamic functional fitness areas displayed with captivating visuals. 

inSquare is ideal for Gyms and PT studios

Rehabilitation Centers

"InSquare revolutionises rehabilitation with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, tailor-made for recovery centers. It stands out by providing pressure, force for 100's of movements witth full data feedback to healthcare professionals. Its user-friendly interface and adaptability make it ideal for patients at any stage of rehabilitation. Plus, with its portable nature and data push capabilities, InSquare extends its benefits to home-based recovery, making it a game-changer in enhancing patient outcomes and transforming the rehabilitation landscape."

InSquare is ideal for rehabilitation

Hotels & Corporates

"InSquare is the ultimate space-saving fitness solution for hotels and corporate environments, turning limited spaces into versatile workout zones. Its compact design allows for full-body workouts in guest rooms or office spaces, elevating the user experience in hotels and encouraging team building in corporations through interactive fitness challenges. InSquare seamlessly integrates health and camaraderie into everyday spaces, redefining the approach to wellness in the hospitality and corporate sectors."

Schools & Sporting Clubs

"InSquare revolutionises health amd fitness in schools and sports clubs with its all-in-one cardio and strength platform, perfect for nurturing holistic health and athletic performance and  excellence. In schools, it enables gamified excerise enagegement and tracking of student fitness, supporting tailored cardio & strength programs for active lifestyles. For sports clubs, InSquare enhances training with detailed metrics like foot speed and strength, boosting performance and aiding injury prevention. It's more than equipment; it's a catalyst for healthier, more competitive communities."

Aged Care and Retirement Living

"InSquare transforms senior living communities by blending fitness with social engagement, creating a supportive environment for maintaining health and independence. Its focus on strength-building through gentle resistance exercises is key for fall prevention, enhancing stability and muscle tone. Designed for inclusivity, InSquare accommodates varying mobility levels with options for wheelchair and chair-based workouts, and can be fitted with a balance bar for added support. It's not just equipment; it's a comprehensive wellness tool that fosters community and empowers seniors to lead vibrant, autonomous lives."

At Home Fitness

"InSquare redefines at-home fitness with its ultra-slim profile and powerful performance measuring capabilities, sliding easily under your couch or bed to blend seamlessly into your home. Beyond its space-saving design, InSquare champions a home wellness culture with diverse cardio and strength routines suitable for all ages and abilities. It turns fitness into a family affair with fun competitions, motivating everyone to get active together. More than just equipment, InSquare is your partner in fostering a healthier, more connected healthier  household."