A Full Body Cardio and Strength Smart Scale, Layering Patented Technology and Accountability through Functional Exercise

Full Body Health by Design:

InSquare revolutionises health & wellness with a compact, 1 sqm smart scale with no moving parts, just groundbreaking tech. Our patented platform uniquely measures performance and effort applied in functional body weight, resistance and isometric strength and impact exercises  that caters to all ages and abilities. Designed for maximum impact in minimal space, it boosts hundreds of whole-body strength and cardio exercies & routines for heart and full body health. Providing unique data-driven insights, users, families, personal trainers and healthcare professionals can track progress towards wellness goals. InSquare's market potential spans, senior care, weight management, rehab, and beyond, offering a versatile solution for gyms, PT's homes, hotels, corporates,  schools, and more. Join us in setting a new standard for health and fitness innovation.

inSquare Performance Metrics

About us

inSquare is a revolutionary new Full Body Health product blending multi movement cardiovascular training with strength training with unparalleled space efficiency allowing it to easily slide under a couch or bed. With a passionate and dedicated team and patented technology, we strive to create an exciting multi discipline full body cardiovascular and strentgh experience that all ages and abilities can find enjoyable to use. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, inSquare is the perfect exercise product to keep you accountable and elevate your full body health to reach new heights of measured performance. Sweat smarter with inSquare.

inSquare Guided Training

Like No Other

Where Exercise & Innovation meet Unparalleled Space Efficiency

Transform Your Health

With complete performance metrics on hundreds of functional body weight, resistance strength, isometric and impact movements. "Square Off" against your friends or "Square Up" against yourself and join the new exercise revolution today.

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We proudly partner with PTP for the global retail distribution of inSquare and for high quality inSquare accessories including resistance tubes, bars and handles, slam balls and  isometric straps.  Our inSquare "Power Packs" come with the right balance of resistance tubes to build and maintain your strength and add even more variety into your exercise routines.  Other high quality fitness accessories can be found on the PTP website by simply clicking the button below.

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